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This page is not a specialized trade platform. However, we believe that it is necessary for promotion of export products from Central Asian states. We are going to create an order portfolio and with this aim, create within the company a database on producers, suppliers, sellers, companies and sellers that wish to export their products.

Proposals with detailed information about your products, amount, place, origin, delivery terms and conditions, packaging and price, as well as information about your company with all contact details you can send to our address (mentioned in the Contacts).

Please send you proposals in two languages: Russian and English.

We receive various enquiries and business offers from different companies located in the CIS, China and other foreign countries. Mostly they are interested in the following goods from UZBEKISTAN, KAZAKHSTAN, KYRGYZSTAN, TAJIKISTAN and TURKMENISTAN:

- Cotton fiber

- Cotton linter

- Cotton waste

- Various textile product (cotton yarn, etc)

- Silk product

Moreover, some foreign companies offer their products for shipment to the Central Asian states. In particular, they include various high-quality fabrics for production of cloths, industrial equipment, which also used in cotton, textile and silk production. Thus, if we find an announcement in media regarding holding a tender, which relates to our business, we surely publish information about this tender in the News section of our website.

We kindly ask you to send you proposals on holding a tender or enquiries about searching a product and necessary equipment on your companys official letterhead with a stamp and the directors signature.

The Pakhtauntex- Consulting LLC is not an owner, a sellers or a buyer of the mentioned products and this does not hinder us from actively working and providing representative services to foreign companies aiming to conclude direct foreign trade contracts with sellers without middlemen.

We are sure that all our business relations with partners (exporters and importers) will be based on a strong basis of correctness and fairness, which on the other hand will result in mutual understanding and trust in bilateral cooperation.

If we see a demand for your product, we will contact you or pass your contact details to the foreign company for having further negotiations and concluding a contract.

The Pakhtauntex- Consulting LLC always strives to establish civilized and long-term relations with its clients.

The company is also ready to consider other business offers on rendering representative services which do not relate to our main field of specialization.

We invite organizations, companies and firms of all forms of ownership for cooperation!!!

Currently, our companys database* has enquiries and offers for the following products:


[looking for products]


[offering products]

Note: *Detailed information about an applicant, his application (Supply or Demand), as well as necessary contact details are being stored in our database. All received inquires, offers and proposals are being thoroughly studied and published in English and Russian. If there is a general interest for a product, we will inform both interested parties for establishment of a direct contact and concluding a contract.

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