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Our services

The world cotton market is a very complicated system, which is influenced by such fundamental factors as supply and demand. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the market conditions, evaluate future trends and tendencies. Various marketing tools and methods are being used to achieve these goals. Our company is providing high-quality consulting services in the field of marketing research, as well as optimizing textile and cotton fiber trade. Overall, these are the analysis of textile and cotton market, marketing research, project management and its technical support.

Representative services in Uzbekistan:
The Paxtaunteks Konsalting LLC is ready to represent your business interests in Uzbekistan. Our company carries out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Our priorities are following laws and being accessible for everyone.

The Paxtaunteks Konsalting LLC is not an owner, a seller or a buyer of cotton, textile or silk products.

Our product and the main specialization of the company business services, i.e. providing professional and high caliber representative services to foreign companies and enterprises working in the sphere of international business, trade, processing of cotton fiber and linter, various textile and silk products.

We are also ready to consider proposals on rendering representatives services in neighboring Central Asian states that produce cotton (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan).

The main spheres of our activity are:

- Marketing research;

- Opportunity for using our contact address, telephone and fax; ( )

- Constant representative services;

- Searching partners and suppliers;

- Constantly keeping in touch with potential suppliers;

- Searching customers or distributors;

- Preliminary meetings. Organizing business meetings;

- Participating in negotiations with wide-range of interested people;

- Constantly keeping in touch with central and local executive governing bodies, state departments and organizations on your behalf;

- Participation in coordinating details of a contract and signing it;

- Control of execution of signed contracts and their monitoring;

- Correspondence and telephone negotiations related with contract;

- Solving conflict situations;

- Participation of our managers in Uzbek exhibitions and collection of necessary information;

- Providing various information and reports;

Including services of our partners:

- Reservation of hotels in Uzbekistan;

- Car renting;

- Meeting and seeing your companys representatives off at the Tashkent city airport;

- Translation services;

- Searching a broker;

- Judicial and legal assistance; consultations;

The Company will also assist in solving issues related to these processes.

If you decided to start working with us, we will only be glad to hear that and wait for your interesting and mutually beneficial proposal. In this case, please do not forget to mention in your proposal which type of legal form of cooperation you choose.

First form of cooperation - Representative services. We believe that it is better to accomplish all mentioned above via your representatives and in this case, you will not have to open a permanent office in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Second form of cooperation Opening a foreign accredited representative office in Uzbekistan. If you intend to have your permanent office (branch), we are ready to take full control over management of your accredited office in Uzbekistan on your behalf. And all our services mentioned above will also be fully provided to you and organized in a timely manner.

All mentioned above services are chargeable and provided only after signing our standard contract on rendering representative and consultative services.

Depending on the form of cooperation you choose, payment for the Pakhtauntex- Consulting Companys services will be made in accordance with mutual agreements.

The agreement will be sent to you for signing after receiving your cooperation offer with all necessary stamps and signatures, as well as mentioning legal form of cooperation and general financing terms and conditions. Please attach a number of necessary documents that will be requested from you anyway: a recommendation letter from your bank, information about your company (history and infrastructure) and a copy of a certificate on registration of your company. We may also request additional documents in case of necessity.

The Pakhtauntex- Consulting LLC always strives to establish civilized and long-term relations with its clients.

The company is also ready to consider other business offers on providing representative services which do not relate to our main field of specialization.

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