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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

Dear friends and colleagues. We will be sincerely grateful to each of you for any assistance in providing us with fresh news and information on mentioned industries.

Please doe not forget to mention the name of a website where you took materials and information to our address (mentioned in the “Contacts” section). Incorrect and unreliable information will not be published.

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We apologize for any possible minor mistakes in texts, as they are translated by not a native speaker.

Stimulus for dynamic development.

Head of the state Islam Karimov repeatedly stressed that one of main tasks for reforms in the republic is to increase value and role of small-scale business and private entrepreneurship.

The results achieved in this sector from year to year, can be clearly seen at competition “Tashabbus”, initiated by the President for the past thirteen years, “Tashabbus-2009” was no exception in this regard, the republican phase of which started with a product presentation by participants of this business-marathon in building “Exhibition of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan” in the capital yesterday.

There are many manufacturers of textile products among those who decided to fight for title “The best entrepreneur”. Again, this is an obvious result of the course of the Government towards deepening of cotton processing and selling products with high added value in the country.

This is private company “Ovation - Theater of Fashion” from Bukhara, the favorite subject of which is making costumes for theaters and art groups, and PC “Barchinoy” of Andijan region – a producer of modern clothing. Incidentally, last year the company opened a Trade House in Moscow, which will increase exports of its products. LLC “Mos Ian Tex” is also in this number, it specializes in children's knitted clothing. The export volume of the business reaches 90 percent, and it was a winner in nomination “The best exporter” at “Tashabbus” in 2007.

The collection for men by LLC “Zamin Turkiston” strikes with its elegance. Business suits, trousers, jackets, holiday tailcoats, and camisoles of emphasized strict and classical type under brand “Ideal”, sell well in Russia, and Kazakhstan. And, as noted director of the enterprise Ravshan Mirzamahmudov, “Ideal” is not only a brand but also the motto of the company.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹66 from 31th of March 2009.

Enterprise’ capacity increases

They pay attention to attracting foreign investments, modernization and development of production in Namangan region.

This is important for increasing the number of enterprises producing import-substituting and export-oriented products, and creating additional jobs.

Recently in Uzbek-American joint venture “Klaynatekstil”, established on the basis of spinning and weaving factory in Naryn district, foreign partners invested additional investment of 5 billion 650 million sums and installed new equipment. Thanks to the modernization they created about 200 new jobs. Now they can produce 1800 tons of yarn from cotton fiber annually.

- Modernization works continue, - told UzA Executive Director N. Khudoyberdiev. - After launching a new line we will be able to process 2800 tons of raw materials annually, what will provide more 200 people with jobs.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹64 from 31th of March 2009.

Textile products

Small businesses up to production of import-substituting and export-oriented products, enjoy various privileges, including preferential bank loans in our country.

Considering the need of light industry in Khorezm region, private company “Bogotteksservis” purchased modern equipment for production of paper cones for textile enterprises, which are brought to the region mostly from Turkey.

The new line was bought at the expense of its own funds and bank loan. Its capacity is 150 thousand cones per month. Now they finish setup labor of the production line, with the help of which the private company intends to meet basic needs of local light industry in the product.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹63 from 26th of March 2009.

27 march 2009 COTTON - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
They began to sow cotton

Employees of farm “Anvar LTD” in Termez district of Surkhandarya region are to sow over 490 hectares of land with cotton this year.

Recently they are the first in the region who began the planting season. They brought four tractors with seeders with selected seeds to the field. During the day they sowed 15 hectares of land.

On the same day they held a regional seminar for cotton growers on farm “Anvar LTD”. In the course of the seminar professionals from relevant agencies and organizations gave detailed recommendations for successful sowing of this agricultural crop culture according to current rules and requirements.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹61 from 24th of March 2009

Enterprises modernize

In the report of President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the meeting of Cabinet Council dedicated to results of socio-economic development in 2008, and the most important priorities of the economic program for 2009, it was noted that one of the most important priorities is further development of industrial and social infrastructure as the most important factor in modernization of the country and increase of employment.

Thus, modernization, technical and technological upgrading of enterprises of basic sectors in the economy is in rapid progress in Karakalpakstan.

Much work in this direction has already been done in joint-stock company “Elteks”, which spent 1.5 million dollars on adoption of modern technologies under the program of modernization and technical re-equipment of enterprises in textile industry. The investments in creation of a modern technological base already bring benefits to the stuff. For example, last year Karakalpak textile workers produced and sold finished goods of more than one billion sums to consumers, and increased export earnings to 30 thousand dollars.

Earlier this year the textile company conducted installation, start-up and commissioning of two more advanced spinning machines by Italian firm “SAVIO”. And they also made an agreement with LLC “Russkiy Holding” on delivery of finished goods at a cost of 3.7 million dollars to the Russian Federation. Until the end of the year the stuff of JSC “Elteks” intends to spend another 262 million sums on upgrading of the enterprise.

Production lines of cotton ginning factories in the northern region are also almost completely upgraded under the program for modernization and reconstruction of cotton ginning industry. For example, joint-stock company “Turtkul ok oltin” spent 2.5 billion sums for this purpose. As a result of adoption of new energy-saving technologies, the production output of the company increased by more than 16 percent.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹58 from 20th of March 2009

Start of Enterprises

On the eve of Navruz, by good tradition, the general joint-stock company “Uzbekengilsanoat” and its partners put modern enterprises into operation.

At this time, in different regions of the country, seven productions of cotton yarn, which are of different forms of ownership, will come into service. These foreign companies are “Navbahor textiles” in Navoi and “Osborne textiles” in Gazalkent of the metropolitan area, joint ventures “Platinum invest” in Tashkent and “Mili Gulistan Textiles” in Syrdarya region, as well as affiliated branch “Vabkentex yigiruvchi” in Bukhara, LLC “Polvontosh Textiles” in the Marhamat district of Andijan region, and “Besharik textiles” after re-equipment in Fergana region.

The total output of the new businesses is 20.7 thousand tons of cotton yarn, and the export potential is estimated to be 37.6 million dollars. The implementation of seven projects, valued at more than 38.1 million dollars, will not only increase the volume of cotton fiber processed within Uzbekistan, and volume of manufactured export products that are in demand abroad, but also create 1.5 thousand new jobs.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹57 from 19th of March 2009.

A few days before starting

The second phase of production modernization is completed in the Uzbek-American joint venture “Klein textiles” located in the Naryn area of Namangan region.
Today they conduct starting-up operations in preparatory, spinning and winding textile workshops. The first “running” launch of the modern equipment, acquired at the expense of foreign investors, according to the chief engineer of the production Pulat Yuldashev, was a success. All mounted high-performance machines and technological equipment work smoothly and will soon give the first production, which is aimed at both local and foreign consumers.
- After the commissioning of production, work in three shifts will launch here, and 160 professionals start working, - said the executive director of the JV “Klein textiles” Umidullo Rakhmatullaev. - It is estimated that the volume of production will be the financial equivalent of more than three billion soums, and the volume of exports come closer to the mark of one million dollars.
In the near perspective Namangan textile workers plan to launch the third and final phase of reconstruction, which will allow almost double the volume of production, expand export potential of the business, and create new jobs.
The team of the company already has orders for manufactured goods from companies and trade organizations of CIS countries.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹47 from 5rd of March 2009.

Profitable Partnership

Entrepreneurs of Syrdarya region in cooperation with British colleagues have opened the new enterprise “Mill-Guliston-Tekstill” in Gulistan.

It can produce annually up to 2050 tons of cotton yarn from local raw materials, and it is now one of the main customers of farmers’ products. In addition, 120 local residents got jobs in the company; and the planned export of 90 per cent of their products will bring considerable foreign currency profits.

- After we put another workshop into operation, - said the head of the joint venture Shavkat Jalilov - At least 300 people will work here. We plan to spend first profits on improvement and landscaping of the enterprise as well as creating necessary working conditions for our JV employees.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹45 from 3rd of March 2009.

The very time in workshop

A small business started to operate under the Kokand ginnery #2 two years ago, it processes cotton seeds and prepares them for sowing.

The modern imported hi-tech equipment installed here, provides high quality of seed processing and preparation.

And in these days before the spring the employees’ work has noticeably increased. They have already prepared 900 tons of seeds for farmers, most of which is sent to distribution offices. They will prepare another 1000 tons of selected seeds before the sowing campaign.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹41 from 25th of February 2009.

Huge work is done

The farmers in the Kyzyltepa district in Navoi region made many preparations for the spring field works.

They plan to sow cotton in nearly nine thousand hectares in the area. Such farmer associations as “Mehnat rohat”, Kosim Kobilov, “Dehkonobod”, and “Arabon” are completely prepared for sowing now.

Local farmers cleared more than 500 kilometers of irrigation and drainage-collection networks; put in the order all waterworks. Nine tons of local fertilizers per hectare are brought to the fields.

Almost all the machinery necessary for the sowing works is at the start.

SOURCE: “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹42 from 26th of February 2009.

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