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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

Dear friends and colleagues. We will be sincerely grateful to each of you for any assistance in providing us with fresh news and information on mentioned industries.

Please doe not forget to mention the name of a website where you took materials and information to our address (mentioned in the Contacts section). Incorrect and unreliable information will not be published.

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We apologize for any possible minor mistakes in texts, as they are translated by not a native speaker.

The accretion of economic potential.

The Navoi region - is an especial region, which has the most rich gold and Uranus, greater spares cheese of building materials for production, as well as materials nearly of all elements of the chemical table. Here, employers are trying to use potential abilities of the region. In this connection there were created a big numbers of enterprises in different property categories, including with participation of foreign funds.
The creation in country of the favourable investment climate, are attracted the foreign investors in such branches, as chemical, mountain, machine building, relationship, production of the building materials, and others. Due to investment of Navoi region, in the period of independence was mastered issue of many type product, including cotton yarn, vegetable butter and others, is created a nearly 40 joint and foreign enterprises, whose product presently fills the local market and goes on export.
For the first half-year of the present year volume only direct foreign investment in contrast with past by year increased in four times and has formed in 5,3 million dollars. During of one year is marked to realize 11 projects with participation of foreign and own investments. This is "Kizilkumengilsanoati" company by gauze fabrication. At the end of the year will be uncared- one more foreign enterprise - "Navbathorteks", which will begin to produce the cotton yarn.
Also is scheduled for the current year to attract the investment on 24 million dollars, from which nine million will form the direct foreign investments.
The First "swallow" in Navoi in branches of light industry - a textile combine on issue of the cotton yarn of the joint-venture "Baht -Textile". The Foreign partner has emerged "PNF-2" from Russia and "Textilinvestestablishment" from Liechtenstein. JV was created on own facilities of the founders without participation of the credit facilities. 90 percents of the authorized capital foreign investors have contributed textile equipment of the last fifth generation. Scheduled design power of the combine - on 7,5 thousand tons of cotton filament.
JV is reached a big and great achievement since from start moment. For instance, the second line of yarn production product increased in two times.]
Within the framework of inter industry co operation JV has adjusted production to finished products in partnership with production enterprise. In this factory from painted knitted linen are producing male t-shirts. The first test party of the t-shirts is exported in border at May and these goods were successful marketed. Today is exported the fifth lot party o Navoi region t-shirts.

SOURSE:NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 165 21 of august 2008.

21 august 2008 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The Linda activity.

The private sewing company Linda began its activity with six employers in Kitob region, but in present, more than 30 employers are working in this private company.
And presently this company under the direction of business lady Fotima Satarova has deserved attention of the inhabitants by job placement of the women and provision of the population with necessary cloth.
- Not long ago was accepted 25 sewing (employers) to this private company, they were trained in district centre. There are 19 sewing machines in this private company. The company management is bought an empty building by area in 120 square metres, Now, they are going to organize a repair work here.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 164 20 of august 2008

21 august 2008 COTTON - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The Hot time (period) for farmers.

As is well known, the farmers from Angor district of Surhandaria region took the first place by selling seed to the Republic of Uzbekistan. According to deputy chief of the regional department by water and agriculture facilities, rates of growth in the cotton field is not taking down. At present is making an escalated care by cotton raw.
In the first days of April months there were drilled a high product of cotton grade in 7 850 hectare of field by angorian farmers. But in early autumn season they are planning to realize 22 thousand tons of cotton to the government of Uzbekistan. In order to reach this plan, it is necessary to make some agro technical measures (action) in Angar region.
The Farming facility "SHahobiddin Angor" was incorporated two years ago. Due to high yield of the cotton and grain, the farming work and activity became greater.
Clear system is made In facilities by cotton care. And also is made a ten international processings in the period of plant vegetation.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 162 15 of august 2008

18 august 2008 SILK - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
The Order on silk carpet.

The historical town of Bukhara was glorified with carpets from the ancient period. This town was also glorified with traditional woolly and product from silk.
In the beginning of XX century this art was broadly wide-spread, but since time came to decay. After independence of our country there were revived forgotten crafts, including carpet craft.
Today increased demand for (to) silk carpet.
Recently, - was executed an order from Moscow. The masters are toiled four months on this order.
From many different countries are interested with this craft work. At November 2007 from Greece arrived the journalist to Bukhara and he was interested with the school (where making a carpet). After sawing all this work he had published the series of articles on the foreign newspapers.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 154 14th of august 2008.

The qualitative product from "Poytug-s".

This year in Andijan cities and districts was carried in formation more than ten JV, on large industrial factories are installed new technological lines.
One of them is Uzbek-British JV "Poytug-s company" which located in Poytug city with the power of 4200 tons of the knitted fabric per annum. The Equipping of production with new technologies has allowed to upgrading a product and raising the cost-performance. The company has opened two trade houses in Cheches and where are taken the orders from European countries. The Group of the company is planning to send on export 80 percents of production.
At present time in this factory are working a qualitative specialist.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 154 14th of august 2008 .

18 august 2008 COTTON - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
Yields of modernizations.

The planned target producing of cotton fiber under high quality provides a modernazation to cotton cleaning factory.
On Factory, daily started to release 90-100 tons of filaments, which answering to export requirements. Specialists from Hayrabod region have already processed 48 thousand product from 50 thousand tons of cotton-product.
Today, the factory is starting preparation to new season. And it is also starting the preventive measures and minor repairing work of equipment, preparation transporter, laboratory etc.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 153 13th of august 2008.

18 august 2008 COTTON - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
August is time of cotton yield accumulation

Percussions forty days.

The cotton-growers of Namangan region are effectively use each working day. In these declared forty days they consecutively execute the marked activities on care of cotton yield.
All this is possible to see on example in farming facilities of "Yusufjon ota" in Mingbulak region. One of the leading work in this farming facility is, carrying by cotton plant.
In this year was spread the "an-boyavut-2" sort of the cotton yield in 40 hectares of the land. Correct and well-timed flight has a great importance and worthy contribution to this contribute of experienced workmans in Namangan region. The main contribution of this work is to make best raise of cotton yield.

SOURSE: PRAVDA VOSTOKA (Truth of the East) 152 12 of august 2008 .

The best sort of the cotton

Nearly 400 of farming facilities in Khorexm region concern with the production of the cotton, for growing high productive and perspective sort. More than 10 thousand hectare of field will be using for this.
In given economical association "Sarapoenguza" was organized a seminar, in which took part leaders of farming facilities, specialists of rural and water facilities, processing branches and scientist of the agrarian sector. The participants of the seminar are discussed the issues about well-timed cleaning of cotton seed product (cotton raw) and safety provision of strategic agricultural product.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (The national word) 161 14th of August 2008

15 august 2008 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
Knitted fabric on export.

The Full cycle production - from cotton wool yarn before ready knitted product- is a prospect project of the large joint-venture "SHindong- Spinning-Termiz". The founder of this company is South Korean Shindong Enercom Inc." company.
At this moment, on factory is executing the first stage of the project, investors are invested more than eight million dollars for realization of given project.
A few years ago, this factory was bankrupted and had a bad condition, but now; there are big changes in building and assembly work, moreover is installing a new modern equipments which capable to produce more than two thousand tons of high-quality yarn per annum. JV is going to finish the first stage of the project to Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Joint venture also is going to install several spinning machines of the last modification, the production power will allow to raise the volume of product. In the course of realization of the next stage project will also be opening dye shop, garment factory and other production objects required for ensuring the full cycle production.
As the result, in 2010 on JV will be released ready goods on export, raw material for which will serve the cotton from Surhandariya. The General volume of the yarn for production of the final products will reach 5,5 thousand tons per annum.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (National word) 159 12 2008

15 august 2008 COTTON- NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]
Good seeds- good yield.

The High yield of the agriculture in many respects depends from sort and seeds quality. But their growing and preparation to sowing require the high labour and responsibility. The experienced korakalpak tillers are aware about this, not through hearsay.
The Problems of growing the cotton seeds were discussed by participants of the significant Republican seminar-counsels, taken place in farming facilities of Turtkul region.
The specialists and experienced farmers which emerged on seminar, emphasized that, correct accommodation sort of cotton plant is an important factor in production of qualitative seeds.
The problems were discussed, which costs before industrial enterprise on preparation of elite seeds for future yield. The Leaders of farming facilities were changed by experience of the work.

SOURSE: NARODNOYE SLOVO (The national word) 161 14th of August 2008

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