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This section of the website is expected to contain topical materials published by local media outlets, as well as specialized foreign publications or internet. These materials will illustrate the current state of production, processing and export, as well as prospective and investment materials (information) on certain spheres of economy and industry. In particular, it will contain information about cotton production (COTTON-NEWS), textile production (TEXTILE-NEWS) and silk production (SILK-NEWS).

All news and information in this section are dedicated only to Central Asia: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

We would like to thank all journalists and authors, whose articles were published on our website, in advance. We hope for your understanding.

Dear friends and colleagues. We will be sincerely grateful to each of you for any assistance in providing us with fresh news and information on mentioned industries.

Please doe not forget to mention the name of a website where you took materials and information to our address (mentioned in the “Contacts” section). Incorrect and unreliable information will not be published.

Any use of the materials is allowed only by reference to http://untcotton.com.

We apologize for any possible minor mistakes in texts, as they are translated by not a native speaker.


In 2014-2015, Uzbekistan's cotton industry companies processed more than 3.4 million tons of raw cotton and received more than 1 million tons of cotton fiber, 80.0 thousand tons of lint, 1.6 million tons of cotton seeds. In total goods totaling to 4 trillion soums were produced for this period. These and other data were presented at the press conference held in the capital with representatives of the Association "Uzpahtasanoat". The event was organized to highlight the steps taken in the direction of innovative development of the cotton industry. During the meeting, information was presented on cotton plants technical upgrading and further modernization. Considerable attention at the conference was given to the dissemination of the results of the implementation of innovative projects by the Association "Uzpahtasanoat", as well as the results of participation of the ginneries in the past 8th Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects. Representatives of the Association said that the technical innovations of the Scientific Center "Pahtasanoat ilmy Markazi" had been really appreciated within the fair. Among them - the modernized fiber and lint cleaners, advanced nodes for ginning machines, motor protection devices against overload. To ensure constant monitoring of the temperature of raw cotton in the riots the experts of the Scientific Center demonstrated upgraded the meat probes, complete with digital display unit. An electronic temperature control device of the drying agent, the design of which is also based on the electronics possesses good prospects for implementation. It should be noted that the projects of the Scientific Center "Pahtasanoat ilmy Markazi" on 18 contracts with ginneries completed at the 8th Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects which are worth 412.7 million soums – are completely ready for practical implementation in the industry. Along with this, the scientists of the Tashkent Institute of Textile and Light Industry developed improved components for the current process equipment which improve its performance and quality of the products. This applies to drying units, equipment for pneumatic transport of cotton, equipment for cleaning of raw cotton, devices for balancing shafts of gins and linters and others. 8 concluded contracts for 91 million soums, scientists of the Institute will begin work on the implementation of their developments at the industry enterprises this year. In general, as a result of the participation of the Association in the 8th Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects more than 40 contracts were concluded by ginneries with research organizations of the Republic for a total amount of about 1 billion soums. We would like to add that the representatives of Association at the press conference provided information on the final stage of an important investment project - the launch of a new joint venture for the production of hydro-press equipment. This project, implemented jointly with Chinese partners will not only meet the demand for the necessary equipment, but will also create new jobs.

UzReport [June 10, 2015]

23 july 2011 NEWS FROM RUBRIC "NEWS-TEXTILE"[UZBEKISTAN] New clothing company opens in Bukhara region

In accordance with the State program “Year of small business and private entrepreneurship” a new sewing company was commissioned in Nakkosh village of Shafirkan district.
With financial assistance of Bukhara regional branch of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Uzbekistan, the enterprise was equipped with modern sewing machines, and procured a stock of raw materials.
The company specializes in producing children’s clothes. Currently, production is supplied to the domestic market. Future plans of the company include export of products abroad.
The new company employed about 40 young people, mostly graduates of professional colleges. By the end of the year, it is planned to increase the number of employees to 100 people.

SOURCE:UzA, Erkin Yadgarov, 21 July 2011, 10:32 [http://uza.uz/en/business/2044/]

12 august 2010 COTTON - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN] Welcome on 6th International uzbek cotton market.


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen!

We are hereby pleased to invite you to participate in the VI International Uzbek Cotton Fair– a traditional event of the world cotton industry, which will be held on October13-14, 2010inTashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan.
Successfully hosted Cotton Fairs of 2005-2009 has provided a solid foundation for this annual event and resulted in its popularity among world cotton industry professionals.
Primary goal of such an endeavor is to further expand long-term cooperation with international organizations and foreign companies - world's leading manufacturers and consumers of cotton, as well as to analyze trends and outlook for the global cotton market and to familiarize Uzbek cotton consumers with its quality and latest innovations in cotton manufacturing, trade and logistics.
Large volumes of Uzbek cotton will be put for sale at the Cotton Fair. Moreover participants will have an opportunity to conclude long-term agreements with Uzbek exporters for future crops.
“Round table” discussions and bilateral negotiations between exporters and consumers of Uzbek cotton are planned to be held during the Cotton Fair.
Hoping to personally welcome you at our Cotton Fair.

Organizing Committee of the Cotton Fair:
Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

More Detailed information you can get from MVESIT:http://cotton.mfer.uz/eng

11 june 2010 NEWS - RUSSIA
Comprehensive Glossary

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am preparing a comprehensive glossary of global commercial activity terms including terms of agriculture, cotton, textile, grain, energy, oil and gas, accounting, copyright, transport, insurance, banking, investment, exchange industries, etc. I cannot send directly to you by e-mail the prepared file:- IntlCommerceGlossary.pdf (1 079 pages, 14.62 MB) because of very large size of the ones.

If you are interested to receive and use this glossary FREE OF CHARGE, you need to download this file using the following link:-


Hope to receive your comments and book review.


06 april 2010

05 april 2010

07 january 2010

25 november 2009 COTTON - NEWS [TAJIKISTAN]
The government writes off a $548 mln debt of cotton farmers.

DUSHANBE, November 18, 2008 Asia-Plus -- The Government of Tajikistan has begun issuing certificates of debt remission to cotton-growing farms. Under this document, all their debts that arose before January 1, 2008 are written off.

Cotton farmers in Khatlon’s districts of Bokhatr, Vakhsh and Jomi districts were the first to receive the certificates of debt remissions. They received them yesterday.

According to Nematjon Bouriyev, Senior Adviser to the President for Economic Matters who heads the commission to control the cotton subsector debt repayment, all farming units having arrears that arose before January 1, 2008 will receive such certificates before the end of this year.

“In all, 548 million U.S. dollars will be written off,” said Bouriyev, “The government will write off 435 million U.S. dollars given to cotton farmers through the investment company Credit Invest under guarantees from the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) and a 113 million U.S. dollars debt to commercial banks and direct investors not connected with Credit Invest.” He noted that those debts to commercial banks and investors would be cleared through providing long-term state securities to them.

Besides, it is also planned to extend the term of repayment of investors’ debts to Credit Invest (US$154 million) that arose in connection with financing of production of non-cotton crops, Bouriyev said. “In other words, these funds are those that were originally intended for financing of the cotton sector but then did not reach the necessary target for one or another reason. Investors should give them back to the government, the NBT to be exact, because central bank has repaid all debts of Credit Invest,” he noted.

In all, the government intends to write off, discount and restructure debts in an amount of 702 million U.S. dollars until 2010.

We will recall that President Emomali Rahmon on May 30, 2009 signed a decree on additional measures to support the country’s agrarian sector. By president’s decree debts that had arisen in the cotton subsector before January 1, 2008 should be settled by means of writing off debts, discounting, extending debt repayments and allowing repayment of debts by instalments, as well as issuing state securities. Under the decree, the government jointly with the NBT is to ensure repayment of residual debt to investors and set up an appropriate structure within a month period to ensure an order of restructuring the cotton subsector debt, monitoring and controlling timely repayment of debts to investors as well as the process of writing off the farms’ debts.

In early July, the government passed a resolution on implementation of this decree and the commission to control the cotton subsector debt repayment was set up in late July.

SOURCE:18.11.2009/10.23; Author: Payrav Chroshanbiyev;
http://www.asiaplus.tj – “ASIA-Plus – Media group/ Tajikistan”

25 november 2009 COTTON - NEWS [TAJIKISTAN]
Cotton growers of the Vose district completed their cotton picking task in the season.

Kulyab. November 23. Asia-Plus - On November 23 cotton growers of the Vose district in the Khatlon region picked 17343 tons of raw cotton.

According to the leading specialist of the Kulyab Zonal Agriculture administration Abdullo Radjabov, this is by 143 tons more than the task of the season-2009.

According to him, cotton growers of the Hamadoni and Dangara districts also completed their tasks.

"Cotton growers of the Kulyab district are completing their season task, they need only 40 tons to reach the planned amount", - he said.

Across the region by November 23 they picked 51751 tons of cotton, which is 96,5% of the target.

"And even if cotton growers of the Farhorskogo district, who completed only 86.87% of the task, do not manage to pick the required crop, in general, the region completed its assignment, because they continue picking raw cotton in all districts," - noted A. Radzhabov.

SOURCE: 23.11.2009 12:43;
Author: Turko Dikaev; http://www.asiaplus.tj – “ASIA-Plus – Media group/ Tajikistan”

25 november 2009 TEXTILE - NEWS [UZBEKISTAN]

Due to effective mobilization of foreign investments, they launched the production of high-quality colored fabrics at the joint venture "Cotton ROAD" operating in the Kashkadarya region, as well as production of hygienic wool at the training and production enterprise "Asia-nur-koja". Thus, this allowed enhancing the economic potential of the region and creating dozens of new jobs.

SOURCE: Extract (Mass Media): “Narodnoe Slovo” ¹228 of 24 November, 2009

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